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Common Faults


Power Supply Failure

The number one most replaced part. Symptoms of this are normaly no power lights at all on the pc. Power supply failure can be caused by many different things but most commonly power surges and over heating due to damaged fans. A typical Power Supply costs £24.99 - £49.99


Hard Disk Drive Failure

The second most common replaced part. Symptoms of this are blue screens, crashing and loss of data. If caught early enough we can normaly save most data, photos, music etc. Hard disk drive failure is very common in pc\'s over 3 years old and is sometimes seen as early as 13 or 14 months into a pc\'s life. A typical Hard Drive costs £50 -£90.


Main Board Failure

The third most common replaced part. Symptoms of this can include a wide range of things but normally cause the pc to not boot at all or at worst damage the power supply and/or hard drive. A typical MainBoard costs £50 - £75



Virus / Spyware

The number one cause of software problems. Symptoms of this are normaly slow system performance, crashing and constant pop-up when connected to the internet. PC\'s are prone to virus\' s and spyware when no upto date antivirus software has been installed on the machine. This can be fixed under one of our labour charges.


Corrupted File System

The second most common software problem. Symtoms of this include windows not booting due to a missing file message or a blue screen. This is normally caused by a power cut or the pc being restarted or shut down incorrectly. This can be fixed under one of our labour charges.



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